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We provide socialize programs, community outreach and resources for individuals and families living with
developmental disabilities including ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Social Life Road Map

Get LARUSA’s profile
  • Read helpful hints, calming techniques, motivating techniques, or behavior management techniques.
  • Read about what Lausa’s parents wish Larusa will gain from social life.

To talk to Larusa’s parent when he/she is being dropped off.

  • Ask whether there is anything new you should know (e.g., is tired, sign of emotion etc.).
  • Make eye contact with your Larusa when giving directions.
  • Tell your Larusa about couching exactly what activities you will be doing

When giving any instructions, keep your directions short and simple, repeat and repeat. Avoid complex directions, if needed.

  • Break down tasks/activities into distinct pieces, if needed.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak to an Larusa if he/she is not trying to participate in something that he/she typically likes to do or is able to do.
  • Some Larusa pretend to sleep when they don’t want to participate!
  • If, Larusa still refuses to cooperate, please inform the Larusa Coordinator his/her exact story.

When Larusa reaches each step is significant. Putting all those steps together can add up to a major accomplishment.

  • Smile with “high-fives” and more, by sharing important moments during “Prouds”.
  • Record progress on profile at the end of the events.
Share your ideas with future coaches.
  • Record behavior management techniques, calming techniques, helpful hints on Larusa’s profile, particularly if something worked well.
  • Make note of activities your Larusa particularly enjoyed or disliked.
  • Ask for help with Program Coordinator is typically roving to check on coaches and Larusa. Feel free to stop them, if needed.

Volunteer participation as we serve children and families in Los Angeles. LARUSA would love to help you find social life road in which you get valued charity through advocacy, support, increasing understanding and acceptance of ASD autism spectrum disorder with our mission .

Volunteer with LARUSA

Don’t wait or hesitate! Open your eyes to the needs and reality of people around you and take action.
Volunteers need to be mature, responsible, and at least 15 years of age and to provide three references at their first session.

Becoming a volunteer ;

  • Show up and achieve charity
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Attend Orientation. The New Volunteer Orientation is held prior to each events
  • Fill out the online volunteer registration form and sign up for one of the upcoming events posted on our homepage.
  • (Note to high school students: Please show us you’re responsible by taking charge of registering to volunteer on your own.)
  • Decide which LARUSA program date fits your schedule and register .