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    Nie Li could sensed that the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s physique had also been strengthened by a good deal.

    Now that he’d reached five-fate, there have been 5 fate souls floating within his soul realm, revolving nonstop. That fifth fate soul consistently presented him with Heavenly Energy.

    Now, Guo Huai was extremely disheartened. He’d executed so several Wind Cannons that he’d virtually exhausted all of his Heavenly Energy.

    Even so, he still could not get rid of Nie Li. He in no way imagined that his actions would permit Nie Li to reach 5-fate. The badly wounded physique of the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon was presently totally recovered.

    Guo Huai furiously roared as he leapt and pounced at Nie Li. He swiped his enormous palm towards Nie Li’s head.

    He totally couldn’t enable Nie Li to completely grasp the power of five-fate!

    Long Yuyin and Xiao Yu could not aid to shouting at the identical time, "Be cautious!"

    Just as the Nethermoon Draconic Beast’s massive palm was about to land on Nie Li’s head, Nie Li all of a sudden opened his eyes as a sharp ray of light flashed via them.

    Usually, a particular person would want many hours to completely grasp their electrical power on reaching five-fate. However, that wasn’t the situation for Nie Li. Soon after reaching 5-fate, he speedily activated the [Heavenly God] cultivation approach to hasten the improvement of his fifth fate soul. Via a variety of techniques, he’d currently totally grasped the power of 5-fate.

    How could he be that quick? Guo Huai saw Nie Li open his eyes and his heart shook.

    It was presently as well late for Guo Huai to react. Nie Li let out a deep roar, shook his wings, tilted his physique, and mercilessly charged in direction of the Nethermoon Draconic Beast with his back1.


    A heavy noise sounded as the two large beasts collided.

    The students of the East District felt their scalps tingle at the scene. Nie Li had utilised his back spikes to ram the Nethermoon Draconic Beast!

    The Nethermoon Draconic Beast had issued a horrific scream. It’d been pierced by hundreds of spikes, and each single one particular of them was really sharp and left a deep bloody hole in it truly is body. Fresh blood poured from the wounds.

    Guo Huai miserably shrieked. He thoroughly hated Nie Li and his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. From that collision, the Nethermoon Draconic Beast’s entire body was filled with bloody holes. He felt discomfort from each single 1 of them!

    Before Guo Huai could react, Nie Li furiously roared and charged at the Nethermoon Draconic Beast again.

    *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

    Energies exploded on the stage as the Nethermoon Draconic Beast continued receiving rammed by the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon and wailed even much more miserably.

    For the Nethermoon Draconic Beast, this knowledge was even worse than Hell!

    Now that he’d reached five-fate, Nie Li had grasped two a lot more of the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s fight talents. However, he didn’t strategy to display them, since he could presently win against Guo Huai with what he’d already proven. He’d presently displayed sufficient talent, so he could preserve people two combat skills as hidden trump cards.

    After experiencing all sorts of events in his previous existence, Nie Li had learned an crucial lesson no matter what occurred, he always had to conceal some cards. Those with out hidden trump cards died too simply.

    Thanks to Nie Li’s furious ramming, the Nethermoon Draconic Beast was sent flying. When he landed on the ground some distance away, he remained there, completely bloodied and unable to stand.

    Venerable Flameless by no means anticipated Guo Huai to get rid of. He was furiously enraged in his heart as he scolded, "Trash!"

    Now that the Nethermoon Draconic Beast could no longer stand, Nie Li swiftly withdrew the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, shrank back to his human type, and leapt off the stage. He flip to Venerable Flameless, Huang Yu, and Nanmen Tianhai, and asked, "Two Elders, I have currently won your two battles. The check need to be above, correct?"

    Students of the East District weren’t in a position snap out of it for fairly some time.

    As a newcomer, he’d truly managed to defeat so many specialists of the East District and right enter the prime two hundred ranks. One thing like this undoubtedly hadn’t occurred for hundreds of years!

    Nie Li’s talent was certainly surprising, particularly that mutated Dragon Bloodline God Degree demon spirit of his. It left everyone with a deep impression.

    "Nie Li has managed to win towards two Senior Brothers. His check for nowadays shall come to an end here!" Huang Yu laughed as he looked at Venerable Flameless, who sat beside him. "I wonder what opinions Venerable Flameless may possibly have on the matter?"

    "Depart it, then!" Venerable Flameless stated in a low voice as he swept an eye in excess of Nie Li. His plots against Nie Li have not succeeded this time, and it’d certainly be tougher for him to do so in the potential. He nevertheless wasn’t resigned to it, but there was absolutely nothing he could do. He knew that Hierarch Skycloud had almost certainly observed what was going on. He no longer had a possibility here consequently, he could only leave items as they were.

    Following Nie Li had finished, Lu Piao, Gu Bei, and the rest also went up to challenge some Senior Brothers.

    Though Lu Piao and Gu Bei’s performances have been extremely exceptional, thanks to Nie Li’s performance just before them, the college students of the East District weren’t in as considerably of a shock as they would’ve been.

    From this day onwards, Nie Li was a disciple of the East District. However, his aim was to enter the Central District as quickly as achievable and speedily grasp the energy and a place within the Divine Feathers Sect. He didn’t have any much more idle time!

    The competition ended and the crowd on the area slowly dispersed.

    The news that Nie Li had entered the East District’s prime two hundred from the minute he entered swiftly spread all through the Skysoul Institute. The information also steadily spread during the rest of the Divine Feathers Sect and the other disciples started out to pay out interest to the growing genius.

    After his battle with Guo Huai, Nie Li stopped acquiring transmissions from Hierarch Skycloud and had no concept what his views have been on the matter. Either way, if Hierarch Skycloud had some thing to say, then he’d absolutely send an individual with summons for Nie Li. Because Nie Li had just entered five-fate, he had to resume cultivating as soon as attainable to consolidate his cultivation.

    As for Li Xingyun, Lu Piao and Gu Bei, they went on to carry out their program. Recently, there’d been a steady influx of geniuses joining each the Demon and Heavenly Path Leagues. Aside from the Demon League’s generous treatment of its members, Nie Li’s identify brought on a massive impact.

    With a talent like Nie Li’s, who knew how higher he’d grow in the long term? Following Nie Li was definitely a dedication with prospective customers!

    The night steadily darkened.

    Nie Li continued his cultivation, as normal, and his fate soul had lastly stabilised. Tomorrow, he’d be ready to shop his fate soul in the Soul Hall and head out again to the outdoors world. Issues would be significantly safer for him, after he positioned his fate soul in the Soul Hall.

    Asura Magician Nie Li quietly sat, enshrouded by a strong aura. He’d currently completed cultivating the first handful of lines of the [Heavenly God] technique’s 1st chapter! He did not know when he’d finish the entirety of the 1st chapter.

    He quietly meditated on the profound intents contained in the [Heavenly God] cultivation approach. Insights flitted across his heart.

    Just when he was about to enter the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, he suddenly sensed a peculiar aura. He quickly place away the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and looked at the door with alertness.

    A strong wind blew via and forced the door open.

    "Who’s there?" Nie Li coldly barked as he peered outside. It was dark out there, without the shadow of a single individual.

    Nie Li sensed imminent danger. There was no way that the wind could just blow open the door like that and he could not see any individual outside, nor could he sense the trace of any person close by. This proved that the other celebration possessed strength that far surpassed his very own. He had no concept where the other celebration was hiding themselves.
    Gusion’s BarberShop Nie Li mobilised his Heavenly Energy and prepared to engage in battle.

    Could it be…?

    Had Venerable Flameless sent assassins above?

    With a flick of his correct hand, the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword appeared, as well as his Grade 6 Artifacts. But even so, Nie Li could not sense the slightest factor. Just what variety of realm was his opponent in?

    1. Nie Li most likely entire body-slammed Guo Huai with his side, but was tilted sufficient so that the spikes on his back/side location could attain. Hope that assists.