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  • Nie Li could sensed that the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s physique had also been strengthened by a good deal.

    Now that he’d reached five-fate, there have been 5 fate souls floating within his soul realm, revolving nonstop. That fifth fate soul consistently presented him with Heavenly Energy.

    Now, Guo Huai was extremely disheartened. He’d…[Read more]

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    Whip! Whip! Whip!

    Chen Xi still didn’t seem at him, and the iron whip in Chen Xi’s hand swept into a myriad of afterimages although swiftly whipping down fiercely in an orderly manner, and then a wave of wailing and howls resounded when far more.

    Huang Long’s face sank when he saw this, but he was slightly anxious and fearful as…[Read more]

  • There was no warning at all as Nangong Wan’s entire body suddenly froze, and he was blasted forward like a cannonball. He crashed into four or five comparatively weaker evil soul masters as he flew and sent them flying away, each and every single one particular of them crying out in soreness as blood spewed from their mouths. Their bodies were all…[Read more]

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    A distorted noise burned the air. The course of the fired lightning cluster that had been aimed at the lynchpin was abruptly transformed to a wrong route. In a diagonally upward angle, it smashed the room’s ceiling and burst.

    A noise of metal getting torn off spread. The smokes from the explosion dragged the smashed soils and rained down inside…[Read more]

  • Evening turned deep in the blink of an eye.

    She slept in the area that drifted with ambergris and listened to the night wind blowing through the bamboo grove as she tossed and turned.

    Following tossing and turning via most of the night, she discovered herself actually unable to rest. She place on a robe and slowly walked out.

    "Miss?"…[Read more]

  • Momentarily dazzled, Jun Wu Xie was abruptly rather distracted.

    "Congrats! Little Xie is now a single stage closer in the direction of the real Purple Spirit."
    Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman A reduced and husky voice sounded beside Jun Wu Xie’s ear and Jun Wu Yao reached out a hand, lifting the strands of hair that had fallen down the side of…[Read more]

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    Standing prior to the cliff motionlessly have been 4 muscular tiger-headed demon guys.

    They radiated an indomitable aura. Their yellow- and black-striped furry arms had been both crossed in front of their chest or gripping a sword resting on their shoulders. It seemed that they had been all Xian Tian degree Demon Commanders.

    They had been…[Read more]

  • Reality be told, deep down Miao Yi doubted no matter whether he would be ready to leave with the aid of the Mystic Yin Mirror. Back when he jumped into the volcano, he had attempted using the Mystic Yin Mirror and found that the substantial temperature had suppressed its cold Yin vitality. He was simply a little unwilling to encounter the truth…[Read more]

  • A strange aura instantly filled the surroundings and crackling sounds resounded .

    Long Yi raised his eyebrows .
    God Reborn Releasing his internal force, he replied with a smirk, "The Heavenly Demon King truly is a coward . He hid himself, not daring to come out and has sent a woman to court death . "

    The b.l.o.o.d.y radiance in Siyan’s…[Read more]

  • "That’s impossible!" Sybek refused the order almost immediately. The condescending glare he shot him cut ever so deep and discomforted Auguslo greatly. "Nobody’s a fool, Your Imperial Majesty. If this order is announced, the whole legion will explode with rage. Even if you’re the emperor, you can’t use such a low price to purchase the personal…[Read more]

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    "In other words, it appeared by itself?" Chu Feng understood the Golden Crane True Immortal’s intention. This was actually a hidden forbidden area. It was so hidden that even someone with the Golden Crane True Immortal’s strength was unable to detect it.

    Thus, for this place to appear now, it was most definitely unrelated to the Golden Crane…[Read more]

  • "Therefore, I estimate that, even if the Imperium of True Human Beings grasps the methods to manufacture the ‘non-spiritual-energy weapons’, they will definitely not spread them out but keep them top secret.

    "Distrusting and even fearing the strength of the people is the common disease of every empire throughout history. How can the Imperium of…[Read more]

  • …I had wondered about that.

    As we were led by Annie, we made our way to the Knight’s Tower, which was adjacent to the Drilling Grounds.

    It was strictly guarded, since it was likely to house the Royal Family on the higher floors, but Annie didn’t hesitate as we proceeded onward.

    "Here it is."

    We were giving permission to enter a…[Read more]

  • This hillbilly scoundrel! Shameless! Too shameless!! He unexpectedly still had the gall to yell about honor of warriors……

    After a while, a cold voice replied from the opposite direction: "Do what you like!"

    On the other side of the battlefield, Odin’s strongest warrior gently threw away a handkerchief that he used to wipe before and now…[Read more]

  • If Arshavin was smart, he wouldn’t hold a grudge against Fei and would try to win Fei over to his side. Even the cold-blooded woman Paris and the second prince Dominguez who was behind her would probably try to win him over as well.

    Actually, letting that woman go wasn’t because he was touched by her beauty, nor was it because he was touched by…[Read more]

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