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      All of KEEN’s programs are based on a single principle: pair a trained volunteer with an athlete and let them discover together how much they can do. Programs are all open and unstructured, allowing athletes facing significant challenges to have fun and be successful. KEEN programs are open to all youth ages 5-21 with physical or developmental disabilities. Certain programs are for select age groups only.

      Absolutely Free
      Age Appropriate & Non-Competitive
      Open, Unstructured and Flexible
      Tailored for Each Athlete’s Needs
      Inclusive, Regardless of Severity of Disabilities
      KEEN offers three Fitness & Fun programs: KEEN Sports, KEEN Basketball, and KEEN Swim.

      KEEN also offers two complementary programs:  KEEN on Healthy Eating and KEEN on Caretakers. General Program information is detailed below. For specific dates and times, please check the Current Schedule.
      KEEN Basketball
      KEEN Basketball program is designed for athletes who want to focus on developing their basketball skills.  Designed by former collegiate basketball players, each session includes a group warm up, 1:1 coaching on passing, dribbling and shooting drills and lots of fun! The session ends with each athlete showcasing what they learned that day along…

      KEEN Sports
      The program sessions are usually scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month, with the exception of holiday weekends and the month of August. Athletes and volunteers participate in activities from 11 AM to 12:30 PM. This site is an ideal facility for KEEN and features an outdoor and indoor space with a basketball court outside and a…

      KEEN Swim
      KEENquatics brings the KEEN formula to the swimming pool. A large variety of inflatable equipment makes even the most cautious athlete eager to get in the water and splash about. Swimmers who are able are encouraged to swim a lap or two.
      Ages:  5 – 21

      KEEN on Healthy Eating
      KEEN LA offers fresh produce at each Saturday session to complement the fitness work we do on the courts.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are offered as snacks for our athletes and volunteers at each Saturday sports and swim session.  Take home bags of fresh produce are also offered to each family to supplement healthy eating throughout the week (…

      KEEN on Caretakers
      KEEN LA supports the parents of our athletes, who are often primary caregivers for one or more children with special needs by making them feel completely comfortable leaving their child at KEEN and taking time for themselves.  KEEN also provides opportunities for caregivers to form support groups during KEEN sessions. In 2017 KEEN LA launched…


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