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      QST Autism Parent Resources

      ​Handbook and DVD for Parents
      QSTI offers a QST parent training manual and DVD and a workbook for parents to learn the massage and continue the program for the first year.  These are available at our store.

      Autism Assessment and Evaluation Tools
      We have created additional tools to measure QST massage outcomes in young children with autism.  It is useful to do them before starting the massage, and then every six months until scores are normal.  They will help you to know when your child has received maximum benefit. These tools are free of charge.

      The Sense and Self-Regulation Checklist is a measure of severity of sensory symptoms and self-regulatory difficulties in young children with autism. It evaluates difficulties with self-regulation in the areas of sleep, digestion, self-soothing, attention and behavior.  The SSC is a good measure of the degree to which sensory and self-regulatory difficulties contribute to autism severity. This is the contribution that is directly helped by the massage. Click here to view the research.

      The Autism Touch and Self-Regulation Checklist is the most recent upgrade of the Sense and Self-Regulation Checklist.

      The Autism Parenting Stress Index is a measure of parenting stress, i.e. how difficult it is to parent effectively in light of the physical, social and communication barriers imposed by autism. Research shows that parents of children with autism report 4x the parenting stress of typical parents and 2x the parenting stress of parents of children with other disabilities.

      The Bunse Developmental Checklist is a checklist of developmental skills, with emphasis on developmental skills that are missing in autism.  It is a useful way to measure catch-up development with QST massage.

      QST, diet, and toxic load explained.


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