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      In-Home Supportive Services Protective Supervision
      December 2017, Pub. #5493.01
      Protective supervision is an IHSS service for people who, due to a mental impairment or mental illness, need to be observed 24 hours per day to protect them from injuries, hazards or accidents. An IHSS provider may be paid to observe and monitor a disabled child or adult when the person can remain safely at home if 24 hour supervision is provided. MPP 30-757; MPP 30-757.173(a).
      Protective supervision services can be difficult to obtain and will require clear documentation of the need for the service. This publication is meant to help you understand the eligibility criteria for obtaining protective supervision and help you challenge a denial of protective supervision services. This publication contains the attached material, which you will need in order to request protective supervision and prepare for a hearing.
      1) Assessment of Need for Protective Supervision for In-Home Supportive Services Program (SOC 821 (3/06)). – This form should be completed by the IHSS recipient’s doctor.
      2) Protective Supervision Sample Doctor’s Letter. – The IHSS recipient’s doctor should provide a more detailed letter explaining the need. The recipient’s doctor will also need a copy of the recipient’s Hazard or Injury log in order to write this letter.
      3) Protective Supervision 24-Hours-a-Day Coverage Plan (SOC 825 (6/06)). – You should complete this form.


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