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      In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS): FAQs
      updated June 28, 2019

      What are In-Home Supportive Services?
      Who is eligible?
      What services does In-Home Supportive Services provide?
      Who provides IHSS?
      Who pays for IHSS?
      How many hours of IHSS will I get each month?
      How do I apply for IHSS?
      How do I find out if I qualify?
      Are there limitations on the number of hours provided per task?
      Are there medical eligibility requirements for IHSS?
      Can I use IHSS hours in the workplace?
      I’m in college. Can I use IHSS hours to help me with my courses?
      I live in an assisted living facility. Can I use IHSS there?
      Who hires and supervises my caregiver?
      Can I own my own home and qualify for IHSS services?
      Can I hire family members to provide my IHSS?



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