In His Shoes – A Short Journey Through Autism

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      In His Shoes – A Short Journey Through Autism

      Imagine spending a year in middle school without being able to talk with friends and not understanding the concept of “hanging out.” In His Shoes – A Short Journey Through Autism provides an opportunity to follow Nicholas Hansen, a 13-year-old boy, as he ventures onto a middle school campus for the first time. Middle school can be overwhelming on its own. What would it be like to face that challenge as a student with autism? Embark on a journey with Nicholas as he encounters the beach, the mall, the locker room, a party, a track meet and his first school dance to gain a glimpse of his unique middle school experience. Learn how Nicholas faces the same things we all do, but from a different perspective.

      Observe how his classmates gain an understanding for Nick and overcome some of the barriers autism sometimes presents. Meet people in Nick’s life who provide support for him and also those who create additional challenges. Cheer in Nick’s successes and gain understanding through his disappointments. Get introduced to the Peer Assisted Learning group (PALs) on campus and see how they learn to interact with Nick creating unique friendships and lifelong lessons.

      In His Shoes offers a valuable tool for classrooms, community groups and families to promote discussions about life on the autism spectrum. Learn ways that each of us can offer support and encouragement to these individuals. Helped by a series of “Points to Ponder” at the end of each chapter, the bookprovides a springboard for students ages 11-15 to consider and talk about the differences and similarities experienced by someone with autism.By putting ourselves “in Nick’s shoes,” if even for a moment, perhaps we can all have a fresh perspective and, in turn, open doors in our communities for our peers who have autism.


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