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      GFCF Diet: The Basics
      Some Hints on Stocking Your Kitchen With the Basic Ingredients and Utensils
      When assigned with a new task that could greatly help your child (or children) many parents can go a little overboard. Especially when it comes to buying the GF CF items you need to have a fully loaded kitchen. This document attempts to outline some of the basics and where to start in preparation of a GFCF kitchen, the basic ingredients, commonly used utensils and gadgets.

      Some suggestions for the start are:
      Start the diet slow, buy minimal amounts of the basics (see below for Basics list)
      Try to duplicate what your child eats before the diet came around. Study them and find recipes that will help you replace these favorite foods.
      There are no “brownie points” for variety when starting the diet. The goal is to be 100% gluten/casein-free as soon as possible. Shoot for variety once you have your child eating. Most kids expand their diet after three months but may take more time.
      Buy foods in bulk ONLY WHEN you see if your child likes them, eats them and does not have a negative reaction!!! I have wasted a lot of dollars buying large quantities to test them out on my son only to be met with “no go” and no eating. It is a good idea to obtain small amounts for testing early on and where ever possible, ask vendors for “sample sizes.”

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