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      Diagnosis & Assessment
      Licensed psychologists and highly trained doctoral-level assessors design testing batteries based on the individual needs of each patient to best inform treatment programming and improve daily functioning in home, academic, social, and professional environments. CARD refers its diagnostic and testing services to Omede Psychometrics.

      Evaluations can identify autism spectrum disorders, developmental, and neurocognitive delay, impulse control problems, difficulties with attention, emotional, and behavioral concerns, learning disabilities, memory, and concentration issues, and giftedness.

      Evaluations can be designed to assess the following:
      Cognitive functioning
      Attention and mental control
      Processing speed
      Executive functioning
      Language abilities
      Adaptive functioning
      Verbal learning and memory
      Nonverbal learning and memory
      Visual perception
      Behavioral and emotional functioning
      Social skills and social cognition
      Academic achievement

      Neurodevelopmental disorders can be diagnosed or ruled-out, including the following:
      Autism spectrum disorder
      Intellectual disability
      Communication disorders
      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
      Specific learning disorders
      Motor disorders
      Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations at the outset of services can inform treatment programming, provide multidisciplinary recommendations and document a patient’s baseline functioning.


      By https://www.centerforautism.com/services/assessment/

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