Caring for Siblings of Children with Autism

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      Caring for Siblings of Children with Autism
      In families with multiple children, a frequent parental concern is developing a healthy relationship between their children in order to promote positive individual and cooperative growth. That concern is increased when a family is faced with an autism diagnosis. You must react not only to the diagnosis, but also to the effect that the diagnosis might have on the other children in the family.

      Raising a child with autism while simultaneously raising a typically developing child presents challenges for the entire family. Despite these difficulties, however, there are many positive characteristics and emotions that can be fostered by the relationship between a child with autism and his or her typically developing sibling. As a parent, you have the opportunity to instill relationship-building skills, promote positive coping strategies, and constructively influence behavior.

      OAR offers three different sibling support resources, developed with support from autism siblings themselves, for young siblings, teenage siblings, and parents. They are available for free in hard copy or PDF format online.


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