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      Autism Navigator® About Autism in ToddlersAbout the Course
      About Autism in Toddlers is our first web-based course free to the public for families, professionals, and anyone interested in learning about autism spectrum disorder
      (ASD). This self-paced course has video clips of over a dozen toddlers with ASD at 18 to 24 months of age.
      Simply register and login to learn about:
      • Core diagnostic features of autism
      • Critical importance of early detection and early intervention
      • Current information on prevalence and causes of autism
      You can select from a list of bite-sized questions in any order or complete the course from start to finish at your own pace. It takes about 3 hours to complete the entire course, but you can spend a few minutes and visit again as often as you’d like.
      About Autism in Toddlers offers just the right information families need when they first learn their child may have autism. Watching our videos can help families understand their child’s behaviors and provide the catalyst they need to act early. Family members will learn how to support their toddler’s needs and tell the difference between typical toddler behavior and something more concerning. They will also learn that everyday activities are important teachable moments, and see how these parent-child interactions supported by early intervention can significantly improve outcomes for children detected early.
      Families play a critical role in early detection of ASD and improving the outcome of their children. Primary care, early intervention, and child care providers are in a critical
      position to invite families to this valuable resource. About Autism in Toddlers can help support families to act sooner and offer hope.

      Unique Features of Autism Navigator
      About Autism in Toddlers offers a unique library of video clips, glossary of terms, print materials in English and Spanish (with more languages coming), links to recommended
      websites, and much more. The course uses interactive slides with narration, closed caption, and embedded video clips. You can start by finding answers to commonly
      asked questions in single slides or explore the course at your own pace. Once in the course, a slide index and slide viewer help you easily navigate to specific slides.
      The specially designed media player allows you to watch single, paired, and multiple video clips to compare and contrast behaviors across children or contexts.
      You are guided by narration to introduce the video clip, point out what to watch for, and call attention to certain behaviors. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth.


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