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The Larusa of America adheres to the highest level of privacy of any and all donor or prospective donor information including, but not limited to, information on the name, address, contact numbers and email address, credit card and banking information, or the amount of the contribution of a donor or prospective donor.

In accordance with the Larusa of America’s Donor Privacy Policy, the following measures are taken to assure adherence to this policy:

1. Access by Larusa of America authorized individuals to specific donor related information is controlled and through defined oversight measures and such access is regularly monitored to assure that only authorized individuals have such access.

2. Unless required by a Court or legal administrative order, donor information, including the amount of the donation, name of the donor, address and contact information related to the donor as well as credit card and banking information will never be shared with any other individuals or entities outside of the organization, without the written permission of the donor.
confidence and not share such information, other than to include required information in the annual audit, to verify donations, and/or define donations receivable or donations which have been pledged but not obtained. In no case, will descriptive information of the donor’s name or address be provided to the public or thru the audit, unless required by law, court order, or legal administrative order.

3. As part of the Larusa of America’s outside yearly audit of its finances, qualified individuals conducting the audit, in order to develop the annual audit, may need to access specific information on a donor in terms of their donation. When this is required, those seeking such information will be provided such access but also will be required to maintain any information obtained in strict

4. Information on and about a donor will be maintained in secure locations which will require special access codes/information and/or keys to access, which will only be available to authorized individuals of the Larusa of America.

The Larusa of America will never sell to any entity or individual any information about a donor. From time to time, an organization, entity or individual may wish to provide the Larusa of America a donation or payment to provide information to the Larusa of America’s donors. If this occurs, the Larusa of America will not provide such an entity such information but may choose to send information directly from the Larusa of America to its donors and the public when the Larusa of America determines such information will be beneficial to its donors and/or the general public. If this occurs, the Larusa of America will not provide the entity wishing access to the donors any information about who the Larusa of America sent the information. In such cases, a donor will have the option of letting the Larusa of America know that the donor does not wish to receive such information and the Larusa of America will then immediately stop sending any information to the donor other than information related to the donor’s actual donation and/or request for either additional or ongoing support. A donor has the option of asking the Larusa of America not to send any additional requests for donations and when asked, the Larusa of America will stop sending such requests to that donor.

Any employee of the Larusa of America who is found to violate this policy will have his or her employment immediately terminated and a decision will be made by the Larusa of America if further legal action is required to be taken against the individual. If any volunteer of the Larusa of America is found to violate this policy, he or she will immediately be removed as a volunteer and the Larusa of America will determine if further legal action is required to be taken against the volunteer. If anyone else is found to have accessed any confidential donor database without authorized permission, legal authorities will be immediately notified.